End of Life Option Act Filed as HB 879

In a historic development, a bipartisan group of State Representatives has introduced a bill calling for enactment of Medical Aid in Dying legislation. Rep Pricey Harrison (D-61), Rep Susan Fisher (D-114), Rep Chuck McGrady (R-117) and Rep Jon Hardister (R-59) made history by sponsoring a unique bill which for the first time requires applicants for MAID to first undergo a hospice assessment. Opponents of MAID often posit that no one suffering from a terminal illness would ever knowingly opt for MAID if they first enter a hospice program. Statistics from OR, CA, WA CO and other belie that argument, as some 90% of MAID patients are indeed enrolled in hospice when they make the MAID application. Nevertheless, HB 879 provides a trade-off from the imposition of the required hospice assessment, by eliminating as no longer needed a second Consulting Physician’s confirmation of the applicant’s terminal status and reducing the waiting period.

Dying Right NC thanks and applauds the four House sponsors who have shown exemplary leadership in bridging the fractious political divide and finding common ground in HN879 as a much needed option for North Carolina’s terminally ill citizens.https://webservices.ncleg.net/ViewBillDocument/2019/3527/0/DRH10442-MG-15B

Please take a minute to thank the sponsors for their courage by writing directly to their legislative offices:

Pricey.Harrison@ncleg.net; Susan.Fisher@ncleg.net; Jon.Hardister@ncleg.net; Chuck.McGrady@ncleg.net

2 Replies to “End of Life Option Act Filed as HB 879”

  1. Please pass this bill. I want my family and friends to be with me with death with dignity. If you can live with no pain and dignity what a godly thing to do for me my family and god does not want us to suffer and who wants to live on medication for pain knowing they are suffering and leave love ones with high medical bill. I pray and beg you pass this bill. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jane
      thanks very much for your comments. We are trying very hard to advance this bill in the State House, and maybe even get it to a vote. It will be a heavy lift in NC… not impossible. May I ask where you live? If in NC, would you mind writing to your NC State Rep and/or State Sen asking him/her to support HB879?

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