Screengrab of New Mexico MAID testimony

Compelling testimony before New Mexico’s House Judiciary Committee on MAID

Stirring testimony from Erin Armstrong, daughter of State Rep Deborah Armstrong Erin Armstrong’s testimony is among the most compelling arguments for giving terminally ill patients the option of MAID. Her passionate plea helped lead to passage this year of New Mexico’s MAID law. Listen here

A Dying Man’s Plea for MAID in NC

For one man from Asheville, MAID would have been the preferred option to face his end of life suffering.  The laws of North Carolina will need to be changed to honor his last wishes.

I am a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican… and I Support MAID!

I Am a Christian, a Conservative, a Republican… and I support the End of Life Option Act (HB780) I am a conservative Christian, and a Republican, and I’m in favor of the N.C. End of Life Options Act. I’m conservative and a Republican because I strongly support decentralized government, a balanced federal budget, 2nd amendment …

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Graham Summerlee

Graham Summerlee lives in Greensboro where he settled in 2012. This article appeared originally in and is reprinted with the permission of the Huffpost. Dr. Kevorkian Helped My Dad Die. It Made Me Reflect On My Own End Of Life Options.

Photo of Jay Niver with his Dad

Jay Niver

DRNC Board Member Jay Niver was introduced to the right-to-die movement when he helped his father avoid an agonizing death from terminal cancer. Sam Niver was determined to make a statement about dying with dignity, and his son chronicled his life and death in an award-winning documentary film. Live and Let Go – An American …

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Video Cameo

Voices of a Movement

Voices of a Movement from Death with Dignity National Ctr on Vimeo.