DRNC announces major conference on MAID: May 9, 2018 in Charlotte

DRNC is sponsoring an important conference on the future of MAID in NC.  Our  keynote speakers are Barbara Mancini, whose harrowing tale of being arrested in PA while trying to help her bedridden dying father shocked audiences when she was interviewed on 60 Minutes, and Atty Kathryn Tucker, the nation’s premier litigator of MAID cases. This conference, to be held at Center City on the downtown Charlotte campus of UNC-C, will bring together experts who will lay out the difficulties and challenges in trying to get North Carolina to joint the nation’s 6 other jurisdictions which have seen the wisdom of enacting legislation allowing a terminally ill, competent adult to get a prescription filled from a participating doctor which can be taken then at a time and place of his/her choosing, rather than dying in the cold and antiseptic environment of a hospital or nursing home.

Admission is free but the best seats are limited so please register early by calling (919) 452-9092 or (704) 775-2052.  Donations to the cause are greatly appreciated to help us cover the costs of the conference.

Photo of Edmund Tiryakian

Edmund Tiryakian

Ed Tiryakian, J.D., MBA, founded Dying Right NC in 2015 and is its Executive Director. He previously worked in international banking in Asia before retiring to his native NC.He believes End of Life issues are one of society’s most pressing challenges as we all live longer and the medicalization of the dying process continues to conflict with the individual’s right to choose his or her end.