GOP Voters in NC Overwhelmingly Support MAID

A recent poll commissioned by Dying Right NC and carried out by the nonpartisan OH Predictive Insights group confirms that conservative GOP voters widely support MAID by 50% to 26%; (20% strongly support MAID while only 17% strongly oppose it).

The survey was conducted over a two-week period in June 2022 among 300 NC GOP registered likely voters and 200 NC GOP-leaning Independent likely voters.  Every demographic group was familiar with MAID legislation and the importance of advance  End of Life planning.  Every group, with the exception of self-identified Evangelicals/Born Again Christians, supported MAID legislation; among Evangelicals, who account for 35% of the sampled population,  45% were opposed to MAID with 31% supportive.  Among Catholics, accounting for 18% of the sample population, an amazing 60% were supportive with only 9% opposed, notwithstanding the Catholic Church's official position of opposition.  Among mainstream Protestant denominations (accounting for 33% of the population sample) 56% support MAID and only 20% are opposed.

Breaking down further the population sample, 48% of those who consider themselves "pro-2nd Amendment", 48% support MAID, with 28% opposed.  Among those who identify themselves as Pro-Life, 40% support MAID with 35% opposed.  Among those identifying themselves as pro-Choice GOP voters, (which is a not negligible 25% of GOP voters), over 3/4 (78%) support MAID and only 6% are opposed.

In short it is clear that the rank and file GOP voter supports MAID with only a minority in opposition.

The results of this first ever poll of GOP voters will surely come as a surprise to many, since the GOP has been reluctant to embrace MAID in NC (and around the country).  It is no mystery that of the 10 US jurisdictions where MIAD has been enacted by statute, almost all of them are considered blue states, and no state in the Bible Belt South has even had a vote on MAID legislation.  The reason is surely because Republican legislators are under the misimpression that their constituents oppose the law.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true that the Catholic hierarchy and the disproportionately influential Right to Life lobbies have been able to distort reality by making their voices loudly heard.  And it is true that the majority of GOP voters are pro-Life when it comes to abortion.  But MAID cannot be assimilated to abortion, since ultimately it is the terminally ill, mentally competent, self acting individual  themself which makes the final decision to take or not take the prescribed medicine.

Let us hope that GOP leadership in Raleigh realizes that they are shortchanging their constituents by not heeding the implications of this poll and advancing MAID legislation in the General Assembly.